The melting of steel, iron and the non-ferrous metals is one of the most energy intensive processes.

Therefore, one of the main goal for AAGES is to minimize the energy consumption in case of the induction melting furnaces, which are offered to the customers in the range of 50…3000 kg/steel/iron/copper capacity furnaces.

Computerized process control, low electromagnetic radiation and under 80 dB noise level are the common features of the AAGES standard melting equipment.

Tilting and push-out, compact and “assembled on site” versions are available, making possible to find the best solution for each application.

Our main products are:

  • Steel and iron alloys melting equipment in tilting furnaces
  • Copper and copper alloys melting equipment in tilting and push-out furnaces
  • Aluminium and aluminium alloys melting equipment
  • Small capacity furnaces for laboratory and research purposes

AAGES Induction Melting Furnace