The induction heating is one of the most energy efficient processes for surface heat treatment with high productivity rate, real time and individual process control.

AAGES was part of the development of recent years, when tempering by induction happens more often combined with hardening, the real time process control is already the standard facility and the robotized part handling makes the process more efficient and safe.

AAGES manufactures universal VHM and HHM vertical and horizontal hardening machines for heat treatment workshops and also specialized high productivity machines for in-house hardening, mainly for automotive applications.

Having in our product list also centre-less hardening machines for pipes and bars, next to hardening and tempering machines for chains is proof of AAGES‘s flexibility.

Our main induction hardening products are:

  • VHM type vertical hardening machines
  • HHM type horizontal hardening machines
  • Chain hardening equipment
  • Pipe hardening equipment
  • Bar hardening equipment

AAGES Hardening Machine with Automated Part Handling

AAGES Clutch Diaphragm Hardening and Tempering Machine

AAGES Horizontal Hardening Machine with double workstation

AAGES Ball Joint Hardening Machine with rotating table

AAGES Drive Plate Hardening , Tempering and Washing Machine with robot part handling

AAGES Shaft Hardening Machine with automatic part handling

AAGES Multizone Vertical Hardening Machine with grippers

AAGES Hardening cell with robotised part handling