AAGES Group is located on a 4.400 m² surface which holds the developing, designing, manufacturing and testing workshops as well as the administration departments.

AAGES Group consists of three companies:

AAGES is the main company which covers the development, design, process elaboration as well as the manufacturing of induction heating equipment and systems.

ELECTROTERM Ltd. ( www.electroterm.ro ) manufactures for AAGES, and also for a large number of customers, transformers, filtering chokes and inductors for induction heating applications.

With its own designing team, ELECTROTERM Ltd. is supporting AAGES to be flexible and dynamic in case of any new application, offering short delivery term for products which are going to be integrated in the equipment made by AAGES.

The design of the Induction Hardening Machines and the process development for these products are strongly supported by AAGES HTC Ltd. ( www.aageshtc.ro ), which is one well equipped induction hardening workshop.

With its Vertical and Horizontal Hardening Machines and highly equipped laboratory for measurements, AAGES HTC Ltd. offers the possibility to develop the heat treatment process for any new application.

The number of employees of the Group increased steadily since 1990, reaching today over 160 employees, most of them having a high professional degree and a long term experience in the field of induction heating.

The Group together, but also each member separately, keeps highly important the continuous development, the implementation of new solutions, insuring the long term partnership with its clients.