AAGES, a joint stock company located in the center of Romania, has been designing and manufacturing induction heating machines for large range of applications for over 34 years.

AAGES was founded in 1990 by a group of engineers from the Research and Design Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICPE) Bucharest, branch Targu Mures.

The first products of the company were the static converters for induction heating applications. Partnering with a German company in the late 90’, AAGES developed in less than one year the new family of converter with IGBT transistors and there were delivered more than 1.200 units over the years, practically in all five continents of the globe.


Our first equipment with Thyristorized converter


Now, AAGES produces a large range of induction heating machines used in different areas of application.
These include heat treatments, like surface hardening and stress relief of welded joints; melting in coreless and channel furnaces; heating for metal forming by pressing, forging, rolling, stamping, pulling and extrusion; heating for brazing, warm assembly and plastic coating.

The competence and experience of the company’s design and development engineers, doubled by the high quality and top reliability of the systems, resulted in a sustained growth during the past 34 years.

The total assets of the company grew, yearly in parallel with its turnover, to over EURO 6.000.000 .

The number of employees increased steadily since 1990, reaching today over 110 employees, many of them having a high professional degree and a long term experience in the field of induction heating.

The total area of the workshops is 4.400 m², which holds the designing, manufacturing, testing workshops, as well as the administration departments.

The partnership since 2000 with a traditional manufacturer of induction heating equipment from Germany and the Quality Management ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2003 by TUV Rheinland resulted in products that are efficient, reliable, customer and environment friendly.

The AAGES guaranty is of 2 years with service support for the lifetime of the products.

For the past 16 years, over 75% of our production has been destined for export for EU countries, but through our German customers, AAGES products are used, besides Europe, also in Asia, South America, USA and Russia.

Over the years, we sold more than 1200 different types of medium frequency converters and more than 250 induction heating machines worldwide.


Countries where AAGES sold induction heating equipments


Our IGBT transistor converters, controlled by Siemens type PLC-s, are working in the range of 40 Hz…300 kHz, at powers from a few kWs up to MWs.

The standard Vertical Hardening Machines and the AAGES Horizontal Centerless Hardening Machines with NC and CNC controls, user friendly software and Control Panels can be used both for Hardening Workshops and for in-house hardening jobs.

The AAGES induction heating equipment for forging application, with multi-zone temperature control and dedicated software for managing the cold start and the process interruptions, is very attractive for our top users.
For mass heating and melting applications, AAGES can offer standard machines, but our designers are also ready to work together with the customer’s specialists to identify the best solutions for each project.

Based upon the above-mentioned, AAGES is very proud for placing itself as a national leader in the induction heating domain, gaining the image of a trustworthy manufacturer and of a reliable business partner.

So far, AAGES managed to transform most of the one-time partners into lasting and mutually beneficial business relations, most of our clients becoming permanent customers.