The typical applications are the following:

  • Billet heaters
  • Bar heaters
  • Bar-end heaters
  • Tube reheating equipment
  • Band heating equipment

There is a very high diversity of requirements regarding the size of the parts and the requested productivity.

The handling solutions can be also different, starting with a very simple manual handling of the billets up to the completely automatized lines with robot handling solutions.

The energy efficiency, the fast heating with uniform temperature distribution, the process control including the management of the starting period and the optimization of the restarts, are general requirements for which AAGES offers the solution.

Multiple output converters, intermediate temperature control and data acquisitions for quality control are also solutions offered by AAGES for the standard forging heaters.

AAGES 4 ton per hour capacity Forging Heater

AAGES Tube Reheating for Calibration

AAGES Induction Heating Machine for Forging